Contract Design

Ease of Doing Business

Good contract templates bring many benefits. Not all templates work optimally, however. Some may be just too complex – or too focused on risk minimization – to be workable business tools. Some may even have a negative impact on your brand. We help promote your business success with Next Generation Contracts.

In our quest for simpler and clearer contracts we apply the criteria presented in “What makes a good document” developed by the Simplification Centre. These criteria for benchmarking documents are also applicable to business-friendly contracts:
Language criteria: How easy it is for people to understand the words
Design criteria: The visual impact of the document and the way its design influences usablility
Relationship criteria: How far the document establishes a relationship with its users
Content criteria: How the content and the way it is organized deliver the document’s purpose

There has not been much change in the look and feel of contracts in recent decades, except for the worse, due to their growing length and complexity. Now it is time for the quality of contracts to improve and their usability to come to the fore.

Our work aims at organizing and displaying information in a way that maximizes its clarity and understandability. We build on information design and a proactive approach to help you create business-friendly contracts.

In addition to Contract Design services, we offer Contract Coaching and Contract Courses.