Contract Courses

Better Business Outcomes

We have a proven track record of success in developing tools and training in proactive contracting and contract risk management. Our courses and coaching are designed to help your people use contracts as both business enablers and risk management tools.

We developed our first Contractual Risk Management Workshops more than 20 years ago and have since conducted them in various parts of the world. In addition to corporate in-house training courses on topics such as Contracts ABC, Contract Literacy, Proactive Procurement and Safe Sales, we have created and conducted courses for a number of Universities and educational institutions in Finland and abroad. For examples, please go to Events.

Real-time Visualization

Real-time visualization can activate your team’s skills and learning. In association with Visual Impact we can offer you an effective solution – from specialized workshops to large scale training programs. When we started with visualization in contract education in 1996, many people were sceptical. Not anymore!

Annika Varjonen at Visual Impact is an established illustrator. Here’s what she has to say about visualization:

You can multiply the power of Lexpert Ltd’s training sessions with visualizations. The participants will get more value, more insights, more understanding – even long after the session is over.

Visualizations are illustrated notes made on the spot, while the facilitator or trainer speaks. They carry on and reinforce the message through four channels: illustrations, emotions, stories and interaction.

See The Four Channels of Visualization and Annika Varjonen’s visualizations made for demonstration purposes.

In addition to Contract Courses, we offer Contract Design and Contract Coaching.