Contract Coaching

Next Generation Contracts: Enablers of Business Success

While your contracts need to be legally sound, their primary goal is successful business. We can work with you to prevent and resolve problems and transform your contracts to enablers of business success. Working with our team, you can discover new paths to improved contracting effectiveness, better management of risks and opportunities, and more business-friendly contracting processes and documents.

Contracts often comprise a number of documents, some of which are incorporated by reference. These may include technical documents, such as drawings and specifications, but also financial and legal documents, often standard terms and conditions. Proposals and other documents may be included as well. The contract may become a series of overlapping documents—puzzle pieces that may or may not fit together neatly.

Contracts as Communication Tools

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We can assess your documents in order to promote clarity and prevent and resolve any inconsistencies. We can work with your team to audit and assess your templates, forms, standard terms, and other documents against an agreed set of criteria for good documents, not only regarding content but also how it is presented.

Next Generation Contracts can act as your source of competitive advantage: positive, business-friendly tools that simplify negotiation and enhance performance.

In addition to Contract Coaching, we offer Contract Design and Contract Courses.