Our Services

New Approaches to Contracts and the Law

Our Services are built on seeing contracts and the law as business enablers rather than obstacles. Our Contract Coaching services and our Contract Courses help you build contract competences throughout your organization.

Contracts are too important to be left to lawyers alone!

Information design offers tools and methods that help elicit information and communicate complex messages clearly and effectively. Design thinking, simplification and visualization have started to make their way to the corporate contracting world. We are happy to be among the pioneers here: check out our recent publications on Contract Design and Contract Visualization.

We can work with you to merge these tools and methods with a proactive approach to contracts and the law to transform your contracts from legal instruments to valuable business tools.

Contract Design

Ease of doing business, clarity and usability are important for forward thinking organizations. We develop tools and techniques that help you reach these goals in your contracting processes and documents.

Contract Coaching

While your contracts need to be legally sound, their primary goal is successful business. We can work with you to prevent and resolve problems and transform your contracts to enablers of business success.

Contract Courses

Better business outcomes and risk management require teamwork and a shared understanding across and between organizations. We help you and your team see what matters most and why.


Have a look at our forthcoming Events. For more information, see Visual Law: What Lawyers Need to Learn from Information Designers. Or read more about our Positive, Proactive Approach.