Ease of doing business, clarity and usability are important for forward thinking organizations. We develop tools and techniques that help you reach these goals in your contracting processes and documents.

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While your contracts need to be legally sound, their primary goal is successful business. We can work with you to prevent and resolve problems and transform your contracts to enablers of business success.

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Better business outcomes and risk management require teamwork and a shared understanding across and between organizations. We help you and your team see what matters most and why.

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Next Generation Contracts

Our services are about contracts that work. While the law can play an important part, contracts are not just about the law. They are also about information and communication. To work, contracts must be easy to use and understand. While contracts must be legally sound, they must not become overly complex. If they do, they may be ignored or misunderstood, and their implementation may fail. Instead of minimizing or managing risk, such contracts create new risks.

Helena Haapio, our CEO, is a lawyer, contract innovator, and a pioneer of the proactive approach, where contracts and the law are seen as enablers rather than obstacles. Based in Helsinki, Finland, she consults worldwide. She has for many years promoted the use of simplification and visualization in commercial contracts. In 2013, she published Next Generation Contracts: A Paradigm Shift. Her current multi-disciplinary research focuses on ways to transform contracts from legal instruments to valuable business tools. For more information, see Visual Law: What Lawyers Need to Learn from Information Designers.

Positive, Proactive Law

Business success and problem prevention are at the heart of all our services. Our work builds on seeing contracts and the law differently, as a positive force. A focus on contracts as enablers and on contract terms that drive success (rather than help deal with the consequences of failure) open up new avenues for innovation.

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